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Suzuki GSX-R 750 dan 600 versi 2011

Next year has been to revise the schedule for the Suzuki GSX-R 750 motorcycles and 600 in order to provide a new attraction for potential customers. In addition, certain revisions to make it back motor sport can be competitive on the racecourse. Sadly, this is when you see the fate of the two motor racing Suzuki, Gixxer 600 species of WSS arena shows, if your vacation is less competitive, especially with no decrease in the manufacturer! Whose name drivers and teams, certainly looking the most promising weapon, not that fickle. Gixxer 600 motor actually not bad, doi could offset the opposition rival compatriot, only, not the best! In standard circumstances, doi commensurate with the CBR 600 RR equally smoked ZX-6R and R6. The problem, CBR 600 RR has proven competitive and many parts racingnya. The manufacturer was down in WSS, while the Suzuki no. Where there are teams that want to go to war with minimal weaponry ??!!! What about the Gixxer 750? As we know, the motor current of former explorers in WSBK capacity of 750 cc of this is the only motor racing that still retained 750 cc Suzuki. Doi still sold fairly although not able to join Superbike and Supersport racing. This is made possible with the right character, as a stepping stone between the supersport and superbike motorcycles. So who needs supersport-style handling and weight, but need more power than supersport will melirih Gixxer 750. Performance Gixxer 750 will also not embarrassing, doi circuit at about 1.5 seconds behind compared Gixxer 1000. Gixxer 750 before the engine-powered 150 PS is likely to be revised quite a lot. Paul Rowney Sketch spread of Suzuki International Europe shows the final design Gixxer and GSR 750 (image. Below). The technical spec is unfortunately not willing to divulge Rowney.He only mentioned, the motor will provide more free space for the Tunner for angling potential Gixxer. With a little simple person who tinkers, the motor was able to ride powernya. With the muffler which is still using Db-killer too, power can naik3-5PS. With the person who tinkers ignition timing only, motor ability can rise 5 PS. Nice to .... Not to mention the new Gixxer look that looks more simple and sharp, even love applaus ane ... From 4 funnel air in front of the fairing can we expect, how the growing importance of the role of air entering the airbox and air needed for cooling the engine. If Gixxer 750 is currently powered 150 PS, chances are that by 2011 there will certainly increase in power again, 3 PS it also is good enough, provided that the motor can be more powerful in the middle rounds.
On the left is a photo GSR 750. GSR 750, there is also a GSR 800, depending on engine capacity later, presented by Suzuki to a duel with its competitors, namely FZ8 Yamaha and Kawasaki ZX-750 R naked bike class. The design was not like the Suzuki B-King is in "jinakkan". Motor is instead similar to the joint in front of the Yamaha FZ1 and R6 Ninja ZX-10R plus gress in the stern, a design that can be ascertained "safe" with a proven appeal. On one side is good for the consumer interest, but on the other hand Suzuki have had no characteristic. GSR Engine 750 will be taken from the machine Gixxer 750, it's just not a full power 150 PS, the maximum would only be in 140 PS. And that's still too much! Many say will be in orbit 110 PS just like rivals. Seeing the design GSR 750, this design seems to be selling, especially in Indonesia.Suppose Suzuki willing to work hard, better body using design GSR Thunder 125 750 plek!Do not be limited to using a motor that already exists in Indian country there. More okay again when FXR 150 is alive again with the body style GSR 750. To reduce prices and increase the allure of the product, use machines Satria FU! After all, part machine have circulated Satria FU and parts plus many alternatives that are easy to tune up their performance certainly positive impact on sales. People will not fear lack of supply of components, which at that time so the burden of thinking that would woo FXR 150!.

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