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KTM 1190 RC8R 2011

White Color Orange: roll: Well, still fresh nih bro,,, there have not diumumin week,,, still very fresh,,, hehe, just wrote his KTM party munculin, my instinct recurrent Motor sport fairing, dannn,,, Kesengsem detected: mrgreen: Waa,, , yup, here it is KTM RC8R 2011,,, the new crew dikenalin to the media on spain valencia circuit. The launch is supported by three motor nih superbike riders are Martin Bauer of Austria, Stefan Nebel from Germany and the Czech Republic Matej Smrz. All three will again fly the flag for KTM in the IDM (International German Superbike Championships) in the 2011 season. Because last year KTM could menangin manufacturer standings in only the second season after working out at the race. 
Color Black Orange: roll:

Motor 1195 cc 2 cylinder 4 stroke was also tested ama journalists who were there,,,,the motor is claimed to have a very strong torque of 127 Nm at 8000 rpm, so that thegearshift is sometimes not necessary, because acceleration is good,,, other specifications are Compression ratio 13.5:1 DOHC liquid cooled, seat height andweight respectively 825mm and 184 kg.

Back to Aaa ... bags: roll:: mrgreen: why I kesengsem, liat deh design,,, Tajem reallysporty, direct ama remember YZR-M1 gituh, then the tank form of rigid, high seatingand hehe,,, small muffler cute, ,, so plasticity was very sporty,,, always is,,, color,,,not stifle,,, white items and combine ama Orange,,, my favorite tuh: mrgreen: hehe,,,monggo, please commented, hope useful,,,
In action :roll:
Versi Livery Redbull :roll:

Versi sirkuit :roll:
Sasisnya :roll:
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